Obama’s new slogan is just fine

So apparently there’s some concern about Obama’s new slogan: “Forward.” (Specifically, the period at the end there is vexing.)

“Even for some in the president’s orbit, the added punctuation slams the brakes on a word supposed to convey momentum,” the Wall Street Journal says.

Nothing wrong here. What’s next?

Well, the president hasn’t called yet to ask for my opinion, but he’s probably just busy. At any rate, the slogan’s fine. Better than fine, actually. I think the period works quite well and adds some weight and finality to what might otherwise be a flat word. Sometimes, for emphasis, when we say something we’re serious about, we say “period” at the end to let others know we’re not screwing around. We’re going to Disneyland. Period.

The period in Obama’s slogan lets us know it’s not up for debate. We’re going forward. Period.

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  1. how lame. forward to where exactly? that’s like voting for ‘hope’ and ‘change’ without asking what exactly he is hoping for or what change exactly. he told us he would ‘fundamentally change’ this country, which by the way was/is the greatest country in the history of the planet. so why ‘fundamentally change’ it? and to what? but all you lemmings failed to ask that question, didn’t you?

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